5 Tips To Make Your Weekends Last Longer

Happiness, Lifestyle, Wellbeing / Monday, April 29th, 2019

A lot of us are continually wishing for Friday, counting the days, waiting for the weekend. But when the weekend is finally here, it just seems to fly by. Often, we do not even end up doing half the things we were looking forward to. So the question is: How can we make weekends seem longer?

After working jobs where I continuously had weekend shifts I finally gained my weekends back just over a year ago. While it initially felt great to have proper weekends again, it quickly turned out to be not as enjoyable as I had hoped. I could not make them last.

Over time, I have come up with a few personal weekend tips how to make your two favourite days of the week last longer:

1. Set an Alarm

I know, I know. Pretty uncool. Weekends should be the two days of the week to sleep in. The thing is, you don’t have to set the alarm super early – feel free to go at least an hour later than you would usually get up. I personally get up at 5:45 am during the week and usually set my alarm for 8 am on weekends.

Setting an alarm marks the start time for your day and planning. Try to make this a habit. This also means maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and not going to bed at 4am – as this would obviously throw your new weekend routine straight away.

2. Make a Schedule

It helps to have at least a rough plan how you would like your weekend to go. If you are more the spontaneous type, make plans for one day and keep the other day free for activities of your choice. Your schedule can include everything you would like to do on the weekend, but also make sure to leave space for rest time and relaxation.

It is great to include your partner or family into this planning as well. A good option is to sit together on a Sunday and plan the weekend ahead. The more people involved in the planning, the more accountable everyone will feel. This also allows you to look at the weather forecast, make bookings, purchases or arrangements as things may be unavailable last minute.

3. Minimise Your Screen Time

It is of course important to schedule in watching your favourite movie or series. Anything that lifts you up is always a great idea. Even better if combined with good company.

However, I would recommend to avoid just switching on the TV or iPad for the sake of it or just for scrolling. Same goes for your smartphone. Whether you realise it or not, this will steal a significant amount of valuable time from your weekend and minimising it will definitely make a noticeable difference.

4. Reduce Household Duties

We often tend to do many household chores over the weekend, because we haven’t found time for it during the week. But maybe we also did not really try during the week! What if you did your weekly shopping on a weeknight from now on instead of on Saturday mornings? Wash the dog on Tuesdays instead of Sundays? Or vacuum the house twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays? Adding one weekly duty to every weekday instead of having to do them all at once can free up a lot of time on your beloved weekend.

More importantly, this will also put you in a more positive mindset and give you more energy. Who wants to wake up with the thought that they need to mop the floor straight after breakfast? Having created this confident mood will automatically result in different thoughts about the daily schedule. Thus, it will feel like you have more time available to be spend on enjoyable activities.

5. Get Out And Embrace Nature

Lastly, make sure to spend some time outside. Go for a walk, lay in the sun, sit on a bench and read – whatever you feel like. It is proven that time in nature reduces stress, boosts our mood and in the long run even prevents depression. If you are lucky to live close to a lake or the ocean, make it a habit to go for a morning or sunset walk.

If you can, try to be as present as possible during your time in nature. While it is great to listen to books, podcasts or music, it will also take your attention away from sensory experiences in nature you will otherwise be able to make. Give it a go to just sit or walk and be in awe of the nature that surrounds you. It will do wonders to your soul. And you can still listen to your podcasts and music after you return.

Want to take your nature experience to the next level? Schedule a weekend to go camping, glamping or stay overnight in hut. Being away from all the city noise will additionally help you to concentrate on what’s really important and give you a sense of having more time at hand. Because you don’t have to run around doing what you would usually do on a weekend.

Make Your Two Favourite Days Count

I hope you are able to put some of my weekend tips into practise and make your two favourite days last longer. It is hard that work often eats away so much of our weekly time, so we need to make sure we make the most of our days off. To enjoy life, to recharge, to make new experiences. Feel free to also check out my article on 7 Tips For Your Next Self-Care Weekend.Wishing you very happy weekends ahead!

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