How To Find Motivation In Difficult Times

Happiness, Self Development, Wellbeing / Monday, June 11th, 2018

We all have this role model we look up to and constantly think: How does he/she stay so motivated all the time? Am I right? We wonder how this person can spread so much positivity while working so hard all the time. No matter at what stage in your life you are currently at, it is very likely that continuous motivation would help you to achieve your goals faster and with less setbacks. Am I right again?

So how can we find motivation for our personal goals and our daily routine without going crazy? This is what I would like to discuss in this week’s blog post.

Let’s Define Motivation

When talking about a topic, I always like having a look where the word/s I am writing about come from and what their original meaning is. The word motivation stems from the latin word ‘movere’, which means ‘to move’. Therefore, being motivated actually makes us move to do things, it makes us active.

Motivation is all about getting tasks done, working them off one by one. This cannot happen if we stay passive and are a couch potato all day long. What we can take away from the word meaning is that we need to take steps to get somewhere. We need to keep moving. Continuously.

Picture The Outcome

One thing that can help you to stay motivated is to picture the outcome of doing what you need to get done. What will your life look like once you have achieved your particular goal? What will it feel like? This could be a university degree, joining a new hobby, investing more in your relationships, finishing a project etc. Imagine yourself a certain amount of time from now on. Imagine you got there. All by yourself. You always had the motivation you needed along the way. It is a good feeling, isn’t it? Try to hold onto that feeling as it can help carry you through rough patches and difficult times.

Focusing on the outcome improves motivation because we tell our minds that we will be successful in what we would like to achieve. It gives us the impression that we will get there and that we just aren’t there yet. Additionally, it gives us less reason to worry and imagine us fail. We achieve what we tell our mind we can achieve.

So if you are having a bad day and your motivation levels are really low, try to use this trick of day dreaming a bit and putting yourself in the situation of already having achieved everything you are working on at the moment in time.


See Life As A Privilege

Lastly, motivation increases when we have a positive outlook on life. In the end, we get the opportunity to learn, work, study, practice, have relationships, take on projects and so on. Our goal is to keep moving, to do something with our lives, because we can. Because we are breathing, because we are alive. We have the opportunity to take things into our own hands, to make decisions, to set goals.

If we develop a sense of gratitude for the freedom we have been given, we will inevitably have motivation to go after what we believe is right and good for us. Sure, there will always be hardships along the way and hard work will be difficult at times. But in the end it will be worth it. Always.

If we don’t take the next step, if we don’t ‘move’ as the word motivation asks us to, nothing will ever change and we will never get where we want to be. So we should picture ourselves as capable and able to achieve and see our lives as this beautiful, special and crazy collection of opportunities that has been granted to us.

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