Flower Power: Why Plants Complete Your Home

Happiness, Interior, Lifestyle, Nature, Wellbeing / Sunday, January 6th, 2019

A few months ago I moved into a beautiful new home. Since I was living in a shared house before, we had to get most of the furniture and home appliances. Luckily, I we were able to acquire almost all of it in used condition from Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Step by step, the new home became homely. But something was missing.

I hadn’t added much decoration to the house yet, but I knew that wasn’t it. Then it suddenly came to me: Apart from a few trees in the garden our house did not have any plants or greenery. Honestly, I have never been much of a garden person and when I went to buy some plants over the past week, my main focus was still on ‘low maintenance’. But I am ready for the challenge.

One Plant per Room

The little challenge I set for myself was to add one plant to every room of the house. A small plant for small rooms and a bigger plant for rooms such as the bedroom and the living room. I love supporting small local businesses, so I did a bit of research on Google and Instagram. This quickly made me come across Green Envy.  For people living in Perth definitely worth a visit. Kirsty does such a great job with the plants! But no matter where in the world you live, I am sure there will be a local plant business somewhere nearby you can purchase precious plants from. If you would like to do the challenge yourself, feel free to share your new green friends on Instagram with the hashtag #oneplantperroom.

Of course, various plants are especially beneficial for certain rooms , e.g. highly air-purifying plants for the bedroom. I am no expert at this, but a little research got me quite far in a short time and I encourage you to do the same when it comes to choosing your plants.

Numerous Benefits

Plants complete a home, because they add various benefits to a room. Firstly, there are health benefits. In releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, plants clean the air we breathe. Pretty cool.

Secondly, plants can help you express who you are through making choices in plant types, pots and design. Your interior will look tidier and you will feel more peaceful when you enter a room. In a sense, plants are a form of art.

In addition to visual benefits, plants can also have practical benefits such as reducing noise and adding a sense of calmness and mindfulness. They can make it easier to think clearly and to meditate.

Getting Started

Personally, I have decided to mix permanent easy-care potted plants with some small seasonal bunches of flowers around the house. I believe it is best to do some research about size and the amount of work needed to take care of certain plants before making a decision. How much sunlight and water is required for your plant to thrive? How much money are you happy to invest? Lastly, you need to find the perfect pot and spot for it. Then you can start enjoying your new addition to the house and the above mentioned benefits of a plant-filled home. Have fun!

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